Battle Planet VR Modded 2022

You are all alone on a micro-planet in outer space when deadly TERMINOIDS attack you from all directions. Now it’s you against a huge army of enemies! The only thing standing between you and death is your gun power and your bomb disposal drone. Experience a stunning looking rogue-like VR shooter with non-stop action. Endless planets, massive boss fights and ultimate firepower await. Fight your way up the Leaderboard and become a war legend in this addictive Single Stick shooter. How long will you survive until your planet is shattered?


* Engaging One-Stick shooting gameplay
* Rogue-like VR action with endless planets
* Massive boss fights and high score challenges
* Power weapons, upgrades, and dozens of types of enemies

Battle Planet is from award-winning German game development studio THREAKS, creators of the critically acclaimed music adventure BEATBUDDY (available on Google Playstore). THREAKS has already won the German Video Game Award, the German Developer Award, the Epic Games Award and many other international awards.

Suitable for Family Library

Valid if purchased after 02.07.2016. Learn more


April 3, 2018


96 million



current version

Requires Android

7.0 and above

content rating

Violence, Blood, Language
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