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Relax Melodies is now BetterSleep. New name, same great app.

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Sleep better. I feel better.
BetterSleep helps you understand and improve your sleep with sleep tracking, world-class sleep sounds, and guided content curated exclusively for you.

Recommended by leading doctors, neuropsychologists and sleep experts, BetterSleep has also been verified by millions of users worldwide. 91% of our listeners say they sleep better after using the app for just one week.

Here’s how:

Premium audio content
Easily fall asleep, sleep healthily and develop lasting sleep habits with dreamy soundcapes, narrative stories and meditations that really work, all perfectly tuned to your needs.

Sleep tracker
Track your sleep, understand how it works, and let us suggest actionable ways to improve it.

The science of sleep
Learn about the science behind your unique sleep needs and discover your personal chronotype.

Many sleep apps offer monitoring and offer nothing else.

BetterSleep offers an unprecedented suite of features to help you create night habits to fall asleep and stay asleep:

🌖 Sleep sounds, brain waves and white noise:
Discover our selection of over 300 soothing sounds, music, rhythms and tones specifically designed by our in-house experts to get you to sleep. Mix them to create your own sound landscapes.

Our library includes:
– Sounds of nature: wind, rustling leaves, birds, crackling fire
– White noise: hairdryer, airplane, dryer, vacuum, fan noise
– Water sounds: rainstorm, ocean, slow waves, flapping water
– Meditation music: sounds, instruments, ambient melodies
– Isconnric brainwaves: 2.5Hz, 4Hz, 5Hz, 8Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz
– Binaural strokes: 2.5Hz, 4Hz, 5Hz, 8Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz
– Solfeggio Frequencies: 174Hz, 285Hz, 396Hz, 417Hz, 432Hz, 528Hz

🌖 Bedtime stories

Choose from over 100 bedtime stories voiced by award-winning narrators and written specifically to help you fall asleep in a soft and natural way.

Themes are:
– Fairy tale
– Mystery
– Science fiction
– Fantasy
– History
– Children
– Journey
– Myths and legends
– Nonfiction

🌖 Sleep Movements

Experience our innovative Sleep Movements exercises, a series of gentle sleep-time relaxation techniques developed in collaboration with sleep experts to prepare your mind and body for stress-free sleep. Themes are:
– Mini: To help you relax quickly
– Together: Unwind with this relaxation routine for couples
– Travel: Overcome jet-lag and homesickness
– Waiting time: More than a stressful day of energy is poured
– Harmony: Find balance and become newer yourself

🌖 Breathing techniques: sound breathing for day and night

Clear your mind with our breathing exercises along with soothing sounds and achieve your personal goals for anxiety reduction. Melt down your concerns with the following topics:
– Take a break
– Stress
– Clear your mind
– Fall asleep
– Heart harmony

It also includes:

Bedtime reminder: Consistent sleep times lead to more relaxing sleep
Timer: Stop the application after a certain period of time
Favorites: Easy access to your favorite blends
Playlist: Choose your favorite content to create the perfect sleep time playlist
Smart Mix: Seamless, natural sound mixes without distracting sound loops
… And so much more.

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