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Welcome to the English word learning and memorization app. With Blarma, you can learn 300 words every month and improve your pronunciation. Do you want to learn English or American English? Make your choice and learn English words with fun!

Download the English word app and try it for free.

Excellent English learning program for beginners. Improve your vocabulary by listening, typing and pronouncing. Blarma has all the necessary features.

Audiovisual Learning:
Learn English with pictures. Watch short videos to better understand some words. Listen to the local pronunciation of the word. The information you see, hear, and associate is forgotten later than others.

Limitation of Daily Learning:
Learn 10 words every day to improve your vocabulary. It is important that you learn in a balanced way. More words learned does not mean that you can always remember them. Therefore, there is a daily limit to the number of words you can learn.

Question-Based Learning:
The courses are designed to learn vocabulary with fun. Start the lesson by selecting new words. Learn basic English language skills. See all the words, listen, write and pronounce. Once you know the words, complete the course by answering the questions.

Skill Scoring System:
At the end of each course, you can examine your success and mistakes in detail. You can quickly correct your mistakes and improve your skills by doing the activities you need.

Free Activities:
– Pronunciation app
– Writing practice
– Listening practice
– Memorization exercise

Intermittent Replicative System:
The more you learn new words, the more you start to forget the old ones. You don’t have to repeat all the words. Blarma reminds you of words you’re about to forget.

We have collected the most common English words (verbs, adjectives, nouns, etc.) under 15 thematic headings according to 3 difficulty levels. All words are translated from English into 8 languages: Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Turkish, Indonesian and Vietnamese.

If you have any questions about the English word app Blarma, please send an email [email protected]


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