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What’s in your Food? What’s in your Cosmetics? Are you at risk? This is your ultimate shopping guide to get you through the Chemical Maze.

This App includes a full and updated listing of Food Additives and Cosmetic Ingredients based on the International best selling researcher and author Bill Statham.

Over 8 years of research and not just information pulled from public websites.

Easy to Use:
– Easily browse through either Food Additives or Cosmetic Ingredients
– Search for Additives/Ingredients by name
– Search for Food Additives by INS number – Example 621 or E621 – MSG
– User friendly rating codes for each Additive/Ingredient

Search results for Food Additives and Cosmetic Ingredients the way you want them:
– Identify the Risk Levels of each
– Discover those to avoid based on Dietary Restrictions
– Identify those that may cause various Symptoms or Ailments
– Discover which ones Effect different parts of your Body or System
– Find out what they are Derived from

Filter by Symptoms and Ailments:
– Acne
– Aggressive behaviour
– Allergic and hyper-sensitive reactions
– Asthma
– Behavioural problems
– Confusion
– Depression
– Gastrointestinal ailments
– Hayfever
– Headache & Migraine
– Hyperactivity
– Learning difficulties
– Skin ailments (eczema, dermatitis, itching, hives, rash etc.)
– Sleep disturbance

Filter by your Dietary Restrictions:
– Gluten free (celiac)
– Lactose
– Salicylates
– Vegan
– Vegetarian

Filter by the Effects on your Body:
– Carcinogenic
– Cardiovascular System
– Developmental System
– Endocrine System
– Gastrointestinal System and Liver
– Immune System
– Kidneys
– Musculoskeletal System
– Nervous System
– Nutritional depletion and Malabsorption
– Reproductive System
– Respiratory System

Filter by what they are Derived from:
– Animal
– Bacteria
– Fish
– Gas
– Insect
– Maybe GMO
– Mineral
– Nano Technology
– Palm Oil
– Petroleum
– Synthetic

Chemical Maze


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