DeoVR Video Player (DD) Modded 2022

DeoVR is the best-in-class VR video player for all current headsets.
Enjoy the best moments of your favorite videos. Built-in VR media browser offers the best VR content from popular video sites.

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Talk to the developers:

The player is used to play and stream thousands of hours of VR video every day. It is designed to provide the best performance from every video for every VR headset. The simple and intuitive interface is achieved by a hi-tech backend that is invisible to the naked eye. It is constantly updated to add more features and better quality playback. Lots of suggestions are sent every day and we try to include them quickly.

DeoVR unlocks the full potential of VR with:
– Zoom feature that brings you closer to the action like in real life
– Tilt the video to adjust to your body position
– Height matches the viewer’s height to match the camera’s perspective
– Rotation provides another perspective of the action in the video
– Integration for all known VR controllers
– AB loop and slow motion for the best moments in the video
– Vertical and horizontal stereoscopic offsets perfectly align videos to the viewer’s IPD and correct video misalignments
– Head tracking for 6DOF headphones gives you freedom of movement in video

Special features:
1. Maximum supported resolution, frame rate and bitrate for each earphone.
2. Optimization for every known VR chipset, GPU and operating system
3. Advanced file manager with a handy ‘favorite folders’ feature
4. Quickly handle user requests and customizations
5. Viewport cloud streaming allows 6K playback on Oculus Quest, Go and any Snapdragon headset. It overcomes the 4K decoding limitations of most mobile headsets by dividing a video into small parts and playing the parts you’re looking at at the same time.
6. VR photo support
7. Integration with MistikaVR

DeoVR is used by developers and websites to play and stream videos in native apps and WebVR/WebXR players. Integrated with high-performance CDN to deliver low-latency, high-definition content worldwide. See the DeoVR website for documentation and more details.

What’s next?
– Live camera streaming support
– Support for volumetric and light space videos
– Group monitoring
– VR video games live stream


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