English Phrasal Verbs Mod Apk 2022

Are you just starting out learning English or are you looking for ways to improve your language skills? This English learning app is for you!

English is the most spoken language as a second language. In official situations such as work, education, travel, shopping and communication with friends, etc. This word generator helps you learn and apply a list of basic word verbs to use in different English-language conversations, such as native speakers.

Two billion people speak English a day. However, language learners often face the same challenges. How to enable information already acquired in a conversation? How to use a suitable word according to the content without misspelling or orthography error?

Therefore, you can use english vocabulary in real conversations, social media, internet search, etc. Native is also a great word generator app for beginners and advanced lenguage students who want to reach out. In addition, it will be useful for those who want to find a good job or study higher education in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia. This is a great way to successfully pass TOEFL or IELTS tests.

There are more than 10,000 verbs in English. Since they cannot be fully translated, you just need to learn and memorize them. In these words, we have collected more than two thousand of the most usable phrasal verbs for booster application, learning and mastering, and made a user-friendly interface that helps the learning process quit simple and quickly.

The learning technique applied in this English word generator app allows you to learn new words (up to 900 per month) that are commonly used in native English speaking. And you can memorize all these words in the shortest terms.

Our experts have selected 10,000 examples of phrasal verb use to help you get started with your new information in real life right away.

Dictionary information cards for each phrasal verb are pronounced in English with full definition, up to ten use cases, phonetic and different English accents, so you can detect speech immediately from the ear. Due to the method of learning, you will forever keep in mind the correct spelling of words.

We added a large set of tests that were applied in two ways: selecting the verb as the first part of the verb verb, and selecting the snippet as a second part. When the test passes, the application calculates complex parameters to show how good your knowledge is.

Key Features:

Word generator app with intermittent repetition method in ✔
✔ List of most important verbs
✔ More than 10,000 examples of phrasal verbs in everyday conversations
✔ Activities for learning words and applying English vocabulary
✔ Individual syllabus
✔ English learning information cards
✔ Dictionary search

How will you master phrasal verbs using this learning English app?

There are many exercises in the app to memorize new words. In the first part of the course, there are information cards containing verbs. You can listen to the correct pronunciation and browse definitions and up to ten use cases. If you already know these verbs, you can skip and proceed to the next one. After that, you should pass a test to combine the phrasal verbs that have already been learned to identify your weakest points. In the third part of the lesson, you need to complete the sentence containing the learned word using the words in the correct order. You can also choose a destination for the day and track your progress with a convenient interface. We’ve added notifications to get you the highest results and not let you forget to repeat.

Our team wishes you success and success in learning English!😊


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