Evolve Mental Health: Meditations, Self Care & CBT Mod Apk 2022

Invest in your self-care with Evolve

Sleep well, deal with depression, overcome anxiety, be more productive, stay stress-free and improve your mental health to achieve happiness with scientifically proven techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness and Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT).

Offer self-care tools for your mental health, such as meditations, mental health tests, routine planners, guided magazines, and self-care motivations created by leading therapists and life coaches.

Self-Care tools in Evolve for Mental Health
Self Care courses created by CBT life coaches to help you get to know, love, manage relationships and create habits to increase productivity ★
Daily Self-Care Meditations built by ★ Mindfulness coaches to manage mental health, emotional health and behavioral health
★ Sleep exercises that help you sleep well and deal with insomnia to improve your mental health and health
★ Journal to help you with your own reflections and self-motivation
★ Daily Resources to empower you with tips on mental health, self-care, self-discipline, self-love and self-help techniques

Daily Self-Care Meditations for Your Mental Exercises
Evolve’s cheerful meditations are built with mindfulness coaches to help you sleep, cope with anxiety, overcome depression, get rid of stress, manage burnout and improve your overall mental health.
★ Breathing techniques that can be applied as part of the morning meditation routine (box breathing, 478 breaths)
start the day in a positive way, meditate with coffee or even contextualize the day after a netflix ★
★ Focus meditations to improve performance and increase productivity

Self-Care courses to improve self-awareness, self-love and personal growth
Bite-sized interactive self-improvement courses are based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which focuses on your mental health
★ Love yourself: Learn how to love yourself with our self-assessments and self-reflection modules
★ Love your own body: Start the process of creating a better body image through self-reflection and positive self-speech
★ Get to know Yourself: Learn how to get to know yourself more through self-care trackers and mental health trackers
★ Overcome low self-esteem: Build self-confidence with the right self-approvals and introspection

Self-Care courses to create routines and habits for the highest performance
Create life-changing habits and improve your mental health within 21 days
★ morning routine to start the day right: Include morning workouts, morning meditations, morning diaries and morning motivations to create your personalized morning routine
★ Goal planning and tracking: Learn how to set the perfect goal and create a personal goal planner
★ 21 days of meditation: Create a disciplined meditation habit for mental satiety and endurance
stop procrastinating ★: Be more productive by creating self-discipline and reducing procrastination in your daily routines

Self-Care courses to build strong relationships
Relationships bring a lot of happiness, but if they are not well managed, they also add stress, anxiety, guilt, trauma, jealousy and over-engineering to our lives.
★ Understand your relationship needs with self-reflections and self-therapy
★ cbt tools and self-care trackers to make your partner feel more loved

Make your mental health and self-care a priority.

Globally, 85% of people do not have a diagnosed mental illness, but they are not happy due to stress, anxiety, loneliness, sadness, anxiety and burnout. Achieve happiness, personal development, career success and great relationships by making mental wellness and self-care your priority. Now Evolve!

Evolve self care app is free to download and use. A subset of features are free forever. Some content is optional-only paid abocan be used through the nelik. If you choose to subscribe, your Google Account will be charged the payment at the confirmation of purchase.


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