Fabulous Daily Routine Planner Mod Apk 2022

▌ wins Google’s Most Fascinating Order Material Design Award

▌ Nominated for Google Play’s Best Practice Award

incubated at Duke University’s behavioral economics laboratory ▌

Amazing is not just an average habit tracker! We are a science-based app that will motivate you to develop your fitness and discover awareness to achieve your weight loss goals, restart your sleep cycle and reduce your anxiety. You will learn to create a transformative morning routine and even catch life-changing habits such as meditation and yoga along the way.

Our ultimate goal is to instill habits that improve your health.

Taking a habit like yoga, meditation, or using any random habit tracker to remind you that exercise never works. That’s why we will act as your life coach, increasing your motivation so you can focus on developing habits that reduce mental health problems such as anxiety and increase your daily productivity.

Upgrade your planner for an exciting new habit tracker and achieve your health and productivity goals today.

Use Fabulous to create a refreshed morning routine, exercise, improve your sleep cycle and motivate yourself to lose weight. Start by instilling these wellness habits that will improve your mental health and keep you above your goals.

As we said, Fabulous is not just an average habit tracker. Amazing is your motivation to exercise and lose weight, your routine jump start in the morning, mindfulness to help you relax and focus, and much more.


★ You have an irregular sleep cycle and want to learn how to get a good night’s sleep?
★ Struggle with your fitness and how can you not lose weight?
★ Need motivation to create an indestructible morning routine?
★ Want to increase your energy to focus all day?
Is it difficult to increase your productivity because ★ ADHD?
★ Want to improve your mental health through mindfulness to cope with anxiety?


Take your fitness and exercise routine to the next level by trying out our integrated workout sessions. We will coach you every session and more!

7 minutes of scientific exercise to improve your fitness for weight gain ★
zen and vipassana meditation for ★ anxiety and awareness
★ Deep work and strength sleep sessions for productivity and focus
★ Yawning starter pack for full flexibility
Yoga exercises ★ to reduce anxiety and improve your mental health

After you set up your morning routine, you’ll start taking personalized vocal advice from your own personal life coach based on your daily habits.


★ Smart targeted health advice to improve your exercise routine and improve your fitness
★ Science-based habit tracker focused on health and awareness
★ Weight loss exercises that don’t just rely on counting calories (based on the Atkins & HCG diet)
★ Your own personal 1:1 life coach for motivation to achieve your goals
integrated health sessions for meditation and relaxation, yoga, exercise and more ★
★ Tools to improve your sleep cycle so you can get a good night’s sleep
★ the Wide Library to improve your productivity and focus and create a successful morning routine


We’re always happy to talk to you and hear how amazing improves your mental health and helps you achieve your goals, from meditation to weight loss and much more!

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