Fastic: Fasting Tracker App Mod Apk 2022

Say goodbye, wither diets and start intermittent fasting with Fastic. We are the largest fasting community in the world With more than 17M users, you’ll find the motivation and support you’re looking for. Look good, feel great and develop healthy habits with the expert-assisted Fastic app.

So, how does it really work?
Intermittent fasting Sustainable weight loss. This means that you will reconnect to your body for long-lasting results. While fasting, your body enters ketosis, “fat burning” process. During this time you will have more energy to do what you love, and at the same time you will lose stubborn fat!

Is Intermittent Fasting healthy?
Yes. The Nobel Prize-winning method of fasting is safe and natural. Studies have shown that taking a short break from constant digestion gives vital organs a chance to rest, and even cell regeneration!

Is the Fastic App right for me?
The Fastic app is great for both beginners and fasting veterans. You do not need to change your diet or restrict any groups of foods. It’s easy to integrate into your life!

Why Intermittent Fasting?
✔ Burns the body’s fat reserves
✔ Promotes Regeneration and detoxification
✔ Slows down the aging process
✔ Can Prevent Diabetes and Other Diseases
✔ Simulates human growth hormone production
✔ Boosts Metabolism
✔ Improves health and energy
✔ Improves brain and body functions
✔ Naturally and effortlessly pours oil
✔ Improves quality of life
✔ Helps to lose weight without dieting
avoids the yo-yo effect of ✔
✔ Avoid counting calories

🧡 Start Intermittent Fasting with Fastic
✔ Fasting – Follows the fasting window effortlessly
✔ Body Condition – Determines and monitors important stages in your fasting journey
✔ Water Tracker – Records your water intake and sends reminders
✔ Step Counter – Tracks your step count to increase your progress
✔ Continuous application development and feature updates
✔ Suitable for both beginners and advanced
✔ Lifestyle change suitable for men and women
compatible with ✔ Building muscle and weight training
stable and sustainable results against ✔ Yo-yo diets
✔ Google Fit sync possible
✔ Ad-Free

🤝 Become Part of the Fastic-Plus Community and Achieve Your Goals Even Faster
🥇 Recipe Book – Discover over 400 simple, delicious recipes
🥇 On-Premises Academy – Learn more about wellness
daily challenges 🥇 – Stay tuned with motivating challenges
🥇 Weekly Missions – Browse a variety of fun missions to create healthy habits
🥇 Fasting Friends – Contact Fastic friends to stay accountable
🥇 Social Media Channel – Get inspired and stay in the loop
🥇 expert guidance to achieve your goals faster
🥇 valuable insights to track your progress
Daily program tailored to your 🥇 needs

🚀 Long-Term Benefits
• Get your ideal body type in the most natural and sustainable way
• Strengthen your immune system with your body’s self-healing mechanism
• Consciously increase fat loss
• Detoxify your body through fasting-related cell regenerative processes
• Normalize your blood sugar levels by stabilizing insulin levels
• Improve your quality of life by enabling your natural anti-aging process
• Restore balance as intermittent fasting connects body, mind and soul
• You may be afraid of diseases such as heart disease and diabetes
• Reduce or prevent allergies and inflammation

Fast for your daily life
✅ Gentle – 12:12 | 1:11 | 14:10
✅ Medium – 15:9 | 4:8 | 17:7
✅ Intensive – 18:6 | 7:50 | 20:4

What are you waiting for?

I feel good, guaranteed! Download now for free!
Studies on intermittent fasting:
Fastic Plus Feel Good Guarantee:

Intermittent fasting is not suitable for pregnant/lactating women, children under 18 years of age or people diagnosed with an eating disorder.
*Individual results may vary


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