Fi – GPS Dog Tracker Mod Apk 2022

Introducing the world’s first LTE smart dog collar Fi.

The Fi app paired with the fi collar brings you closer to your dog. View your dog’s location and activity levels in the app and get alerts if they escape from a designated safe area. The smartest pet parents choose Fi.


GPS Tracking
On vacation? Your friend walking the dog? Instantly track your dog’s location wherever they are. Fi gives you peace of mind so that you always know that your dog is safe.

STOP Escape Artists
To make sure your dog never runs away from your backyard. Whether it’s your or your grandmother’s house, our dog tracker allows you to set safe zones around your dog’s most popular residences and we warn you if they leave the house without a walker. I mean, if your dog runs out the door you forgot to close, you’ll be the first to know.

Fi follows the steps your dog takes and compares them to other dogs wearing a fission collar, so you will always know how much exercise they get and how much more they need. Set daily exercise goals to hit and view all previous walks and activities. Keep your dog happy and healthy with Fi.

We’re put an end to the missing dogs. If your dog is out, activate Fi’s unique Lost Dog Mode by clicking the button. A red light will appear on their collars and will report their location every minute as the collar moves. Don’t ever play hide-and-seek with Fi again.

Introducing the world’s first LTE dog collar. When working on a brand new LTE-M network, you only get the most accurate GPS location reports and always know where your dog is.

If we lose our dog, the last thing we have to worry about is battery life. One of the reasons we built fi is that we do not feel that other smart collars offer enough value to us dog owners. On average, our collars take 3 months between charges. There’s something else you don’t have to worry about.

We know you won’t always be the only one taking care of your dog. Fi allows you to track your pet’s GPS location and activity with others. You can add other owners and dog walkers at the touch of a button and choose what they can and can’t do through the app. We’re giving you complete control.

We care about your dog as much as you do. We will be with you for your journey with Fi, with live agents ready to talk to you when you need us. If you have any questions about your smart collar, we’d be happy to answer it.

Fi, which comes in two different colors and three different sizes, works for any dog over 20 lbs.

The Fi tracker works best near the Fi App or a Bluetooth-connected device with the provided charging base. Learn more about what we’re building:

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