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Fresh Tri is a mindset and habit-building practice that helps you lose weight and eat healthier naturally by eliminating frustration, shame and failure in the diet. With Fresh Tri, you’ll gradually adopt Iterative Mindset™, a brain science-based, test and implementation mentality that allows you to continue regardless of obstacles or setbacks.

Iteration means that you continue to try, learn, and fine-tune the results that matter to you. With Fresh Tri, you choose the food habits that you feel drawn into and practice them until they become automated.

How Does It Work?
This week you will start by creating a simple food or a “Tri” with a eating habit to practice. (Every habit practice in Fresh Tri has been proven to be effective in clinical weight loss studies and has been shown to work in everyday life!) Next, during the week you will do:

(1) Daily check-in. Tell me if things are going well! If not, that’s fine. Fresh Tri acknowledges that relapsing or experiencing setbacks is a normal part of the habit-changing process. Actually, it’s necessary! When you check in, you get ideas to change your practice or change it completely. In any case, you repeat the path to success!

(2) Share your intentions and reflect your Gratitude every day in the feed in our Tri(be) section. While intentions encourage broad, creative thinking, practices of gratitude have been shown to immeasurably improve emotional and physical health. And by sharing with others (you can do it anonymously if you want), you can inspire and inspire others in the community.

(3) Take part in your live Mindset Training session on the app once a week. When you sign up for Fresh Tri, you’ll choose a Specialist (MDs, PhD, RDNs, and certified health coaches) from our nationally recognized team of health and wellness professionals to lead your weekly sessions. If you can’t join a session, join a different live session that suits your schedule, or watch past sessions at any time.

As you learn new habits and train your Iterative Mindset, you always achieve the natural, sustainable, healthy lifestyle you want. no follow-up, measurement or weighing. No guilt, no shame, no failure. I’m just trying, fine-tuning and trying again. Or as we say, Iteration!


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