Gravity Pull – VR Puzzle Game Modded 2022

Gravity Pull is an immersive VR puzzle game for Google Cardboard and Daydream, inspired by other first-person puzzle games. Solve 16 mind-blowing physical puzzles by strategically placing cubes on keys to unlock doors. You will need to carefully explore each room and see everything from multiple angles. can you go all the way Gravity Pull uses an innovative input technique that allows you to navigate each room using walk-in-place and puts YOU in control of where you are. No controller is required, and several studies have found walking in place to minimize cyber sickness.

We highly recommend having the Cardboard V2, any headset with a capacitive touch button. Cardboard V1’s magnet switch is supported, but may not work consistently. The joysticks should work automatically with the game if you prefer to use them instead of walking in place. By default, you’ll only be moving forward and backward with the joystick (to combat nausea), but there’s an option in the settings menu (tilt to allow full joystick movement).

Positional tracking provides highly immersive experiences on PC VR platforms such as walking input (Vive/Oculus), but this is not available on mobile VR platforms, as a result many mobile VR apps are simple look-and-see or roller coaster experiences. Gravity Pull was built using the VR-Step plugin (see Unity Asset store!/content/60450) (patent pending). VR-step significantly expands the interaction options available for mobile VR platforms (Daydream, Gear VR, Cardboard) and allows you to create highly immersive experiences typically only available on PC VR platforms.


20 June 2017


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