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HappyMod app is a platform where you’ll find all the modified apps that you desired. The app holds only modified apps and games, workable on the android platform. You can easily find the desired mod app to many official android version apps. Users of the app test each app for credibility and.

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If you don’t find the desired app on the platform, you can request for it describing what modifications you require. You may participate in community discussions and get in touch with other users. HappyMod apk download will enrich your android device with premium graded apps. But these will be modified with full features that would come at a price with the official versions.

What New HappyMod Brings

HappyMod is quite similar to Google play store, the official app store for android devices. This alternative app store is not just another addition to the list of the unofficial markets. This truly comes with a motto to serve the purpose of many android users with a wide range of modified apps and games.

HappyMod for android focuses on providing 100% working mod apps. These mod apps and games come with many premium features or resources which are available only against payment on the official play store. The workability of the mod apps is tested by the users of the community. After that, they rate the apps on the platform.

Download HappyMod Apk

If you are an android device user, with HappyMod apk download you can enjoy a lot of perks. Many premium or pro features of renowned android apps are available in modified versions. You’ll also find mod games with unlimited coins, money, gems, diamonds, or golds (whichever applies in your case). You’ll find many already existing mod apps and games you are searching. But if the respective app is missing, you can put a request for it. Many developers in the community will happily fill in.

Features of HappyMod App

HappyMod for android has many prodigious features to compete with the other unofficial app stores designed for android devices. Among the features, the most luring ones the users can take away out of HappyMod apk download are here:

Dedication To Mod Apps:

HappyMod app only contains the modified apps and games. If you are looking for any official version of any app, you can always check out the play store by Google. But in case of catering your hunger for modified app, HappyMod is the place with 100% featured as well as unpopular mod games.

Download HappyMod Apk

User-friendly Interface:

HappyMod latest version has brought the most friendly and attractive user interface. The new UI is quite similar to that of the official Google play store. Hence, as an android user, you’ll find it less complicated t use the platform. You can enjoy an integrated download button, search menu, categorized app tabs, community discussions, etc., all inside the app.

Availability of multiple versions:

What happens when you are fond of any particular version of an app, but tried another updated version and didn’t like it? Can you get back to the older version without having a backup on your device?

Most certainly you can, if you have completed the HappyMod download. Because one of the coolest features of this market is that it retains all the previous working versions of any mod apps. This also enables you to find the correct version of any app on your device.

Featured apps:

The platform has a segment called featured apps where you can look for editors’ chosen apps for the users. You’ll also get a look at popular and trending apps, modified version, of course. Moreover, the latest updates of the exiting apps will be tagged along in the featured tab.

Listing of Mod Features:

Each of the newly uploaded apps or latest updates contains a list of modified parameters included in the mod version. In this way, you don’t have to download and install the app to know what you’ll get inside. It seems very handy for those who never want to waste time or device space after junks.

Smart Download:

Once HappyMod app downloads on your android device, it’ll take care of the rest of your download requirements. You’ll download manager can retire, and you can gear on to this alternative app store. Downloads with HappyMod app is faster in comparison with the other unofficial apps.

You can rely on the downloaded apps as they go through a lot of testing and then get recognition on the platform. So, the possibility of malware or virus outbreak diminishes. Moreover, you can enjoy the cool pause and resume feature when downloading any app or game.

Put a Request:

The app features an add button to put a request for any app you want to get modified. You can describe your desired parameters for the mod app, and if lucky enough, someone may fill in the request. You can also put a request for updates of any already existing apps or games.

How HappyMod Apk Works

HappyMod offers you to enjoy a classy app store experience comprehending cracked and modified apps for android only. The download and installation process of any apps from here is very smooth and fast. But how do HappyMod downloads work? Here we the attention on the work process of this alternative app store.

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1. An open platform for uploads:

The app store includes 300,000 mod files at present, among which includes most of the popular and trendy apps as well. But if you find that a decent mod/cracked app remains outside the store, you can upload it here. HappyMod app store is open for anyone to upload a good quality modified app.

The users of HappyMod upload each of the apps or games found here. They either created the app, or found them somewhere on the internet. And these are cordially accepted inside the app catalog. However, if there remain some more issues to cover afterward.

2. Request for a new mod or an update:

You are entitled to put a request on the app with the help of the request button. Your request can be for new updates to any exiting app or games. But if you don’t find your desired app, you can request for the app.

Whether you want a newly modified app or an update to the existing one, you must iterate your expected modifications briefly. You’ll find the ‘Add request’ button under the community tab in the app.

3. Download and Test run:

After a HappyMod app download, when you install the apk file on your android device, you get to test the mod version yourself. Just like you, there are others from the community who are testing on the same file. Once the app clears the Test and satisfies the authenticity of the modifications, the next stage of work begins.

4. Feedback and marking in the catalog:

The next move after the app gets tested is to gather feedback from the community users. The users then comment on the modified features and opine if they could get better. The developer then further improves if necessary. If satisfactory, the app makes its way to the catalogue as a 100% working one.

5.Listing all mod features:

Any of the uploaded apps or games will have a listing of the modified or added features. Hence, the users will see what they are going to have inside beforehand. You can easily assess whether the app is worthy of trying just visiting the features the mod has to offer.

6.Taking down non-working apps:

To maintain the upstream reputation, the moderators keep watch on the uploaded and passed apps. If they find any bugs, malware, or dissatisfied performance, the downturn the app from the store. In this way, the platform remains uptight.

Download HappyMod App

Pros and cons

There are some pros and cons of HappyMod apk download on android devices. Let’s take a peek before getting forward:


  • Authentic mods of most of popular apps with unlocked premium features and resources are available in this app store.
  • The sophisticated UI beats any of the other alternative app stores. It also brings in the premium experience, like the official play store.
  • Since every app goes through testing by the users, chances of getting affected by virus or malware remain almost nil.
  • The app store is enriched with regular updates and modifications. Apart from that, you’ll get opinions and guide from fellow users in the HappyMod community.


  • You can’t run the official version on your device, in line with HappyMod apk download. The modified app will overlap with the actual version, so you have to choose either of the two.
  • Since app sources are unknown, devices can remain vulnerable to threats even if the mods claim authenticity.

Where Does HappyMod works

HappyMod download is dedicated only for android devices. As the android platform is open to any developers coding apps in apk format, one can design apps for it. As such, you can install the app on your android device. The app can work comfortably along with your regular Google play store without creating any conflict.

Apart from android devices, you can try HappyMod apk download on your desktop as well. For this, you have to take the help of any android emulator software. Android emulators can get any apk files installed and used on your desktop. However, sad news for the iPhone users that there is no HappyMod iOS version available yet.

How to download, install and update HappyMod app

Since there is no HappyMod iOS version available, you only use the app store only on your android smartphone. However, you can also use it on your desktop computer with the help of any android emulator program. This guide covers the HappyMod apk download, installation as well as update process on your android smartphone.

  1. HappyMod free download is available at their official website, i.e., Currently, you can find HappyMod latest version 2.5.2 just of 7.61MB for free. Or, you can try downloading from here.
  1. Before installing the app, enable installation from unknown sources on your android device. You’ll find it in smartphone settings under the ‘Security’ or ‘Privacy’ menu.
  2. Go to the file manager and spot the location of HappyMod apk download.
  3. Click on the apk file and follow step by step instructions to complete the installation process.
  4. Open the app store from the app drawer. Look for an app you want to install. Get it by tapping on the HappyMod download button.
  5. Your ongoing and finished downloads will appear in the download manager inside the app. Quickly access it from the mini icon on the top-right corner on the home page of the app.
  6. Install the downloaded apps and run them on your device.

Download HappyMod App V.2.5.4.(7.61 MB)

Download HappyMod App V.2.5.5.(7.61 MB)

Download HappyMod App V.2.5.6.(7.9 MB)


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