Hello Mars Modded 2022

Daydream VR’s ‘in-space’ simulation is made even more so with the help of an extraordinary, impressive pair of headsets.”
– VR Heads

“Hello Mars offers a great introduction to Earth for space travel innovations. The landing experience and showroom impress with the attention to detail”
– VR World

Highlights on Hello Mars:

All 3D data and landing procedures of Hello Mars are strictly based on publicly available data and research from NASA.
– Experience the “7-minute terror” Mars landing sequence in VR with real-time rendered graphics and spatial sound effects
– Prepare yourself as a space pilot in the real landing simulation lab.
– Travel across the distinctive Martian terrain with the Curiosity Mars Rover.
– Learn more about spacecraft and historic Mars missions through the interactive VR showroom.

Hello Mars is a “must have” Daydream app for all space lovers, the best way to promote and showcase VR to your family and friends.

Please note:
– If you are working on low-end phones or have experienced any performance problems, you can adjust your graphics settings from the “Settings” menu.
– We recommend wearing a pair of wired headphones for the best audio experience. Bluetooth headphones cause audio lag due to hardware nature.
– Overheating and low battery sometimes cause Daydream controller to be unstable or even disconnect.

For more information, please visit our website: http://mars.uccvr.com
You can also follow us on social media, Facebook | excitement | Weibo: hellomarsvr

Hello Mars Disclaimer
For your safety, before starting Journey to Mars, please make sure that you follow the safety information of the manufacturer and/or supplier of the device you are using and that you have not experienced Hello Mars in the following cases:
• If you are under the age limit
• pregnant
• Have you consumed anything that could affect your balance?
• You have (or have had) a medical condition such as binocular vision abnormalities, psychiatric disorders

By downloading and using the Hello Mars experience, you agree to UCCVR’s EULA (http://www.uccvr.com/eula.html) and privacy policy (http://www.uccvr.com/privacy.html).

The Hello Mars experience is for your personal, non-business use only.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] and let us know your thoughts, feedback and feature requests.

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