HelloChinese: Learn Chinese Mod Apk 2022

HelloChinese is a fun, effective and engaging app for beginners to learn Chinese Mandarin. HelloChinese helps beginners learn Chinese Mandarin as quickly as the level of speech using effective methodologies. Proprietary Chinese speech recognition and character handwriting technologies are also applied to make learning Chinese Mandarin more fun and easy. With HelloChinese, you’ll learn Pinyin, pronunciation, character stroke sequence, vocabulary and grammar interactively.
Download HelloChinese now and start learning Chinese and speak Chinese Mandarin anytime, anywhere!

← Game-based Chinese Mandarin learning: You’ll never get bored.
← A Pinyin (Chinese pronunciation) course well designed for beginners.
← Speech recognition corrects your pronunciation and makes Chinese speech a breeze.
← Handwriting is specially designed to make learning Chinese characters faster.
← Personalized daily training games adapt to your unique performances and make you fluidly faster.
← Systematic courses according to HSK levels.
← A bite-sized curriculum to strengthen your chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
← Simplified and traditional Chinese character are both supported.
← It certainly offers a standard Chinese Mandarin voice spoken by native speakers.
← Pin Chinese or display characters as desired.
offline learning :: No internet connection is required after a course is downloaded.
← Review progress tracking on multiple devices.

Methodologies Behind HelloChinese:
People who learn Chinese often encounter problems that allow them to master the language. We’ve adapted HelloChinese in different ways to help beginners learn Chinese Mandarin quickly.
▶ it’s hard to learn Chinese. Try HelloChinese! The curriculum is designed with a learning curve in mind. Just follow and master Chinese for no time!
▶ motivation is easy. Our app offers bite-sized, GAME-based lessons for you to learn Mandarin. Each course takes only 10 minutes to complete and uses interactive and varied question models to keep you connected. You can learn Chinese Mandarin anytime, anywhere, and you’ll never get bored.
▶ can’t improve my speaking skills without a teacher. YOU CAN! The most exciting part of this app! Corrects your correct speech recognition pronunciation and you will find that learning to speak Chinese has never been easier and more fun!
▶ it’s hard to learn Chinese characters. Our app uses the latest Chinese handwriting technology to help you type characters using your finger. In addition, an interesting description of radicals and components is provided for each character that further enhances your ability to learn characters!

While these tools are at your disposal, nothing can stop you from learning Chinese Mandarin. Start today on the path of fluency!


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