Lumenate: The Psychedelic Meditation App Mod Apk 2022

We are a brand new application, if you find any problems please contact us [email protected] and we will do everything we can to fix it!

Relax, turn your phone with the flashlight facing you, close your eyes and embark on an effortlessly immersive journey with a kaleidoscope of colors created by your subconscious. The Lumenate App uses research-assisted strobescopic light sequences from your phone’s flashlight to neurologically guide a state of consciousness that ranges from deep meditation and classical psychedelics.

“The Lumenate light project is more than just a fun experience. It provides users with an opportunity for personal development and development. The success of the project is a testament to the careful design, scientific history and evidence-based approach of lumenate inventors. I see that this tool is an important element in the future of clinical psychedelic research and treatments. The inventors have my full support” Dr Ben Sessa, co-founder of Breaking Convention and Researcher at the University of Bristol and Imperial College.

Research Assisted – Scientifically developed with hundreds of EEG brain scans.
Accessible – Designed for mobile phones, it makes this unique and powerful experience easily accessible wherever and whenever you want.
Effective – We guide you using this powerful altered state of consciousness that helps you discover your subconscious thoughts and gain valuable insights.
Effortless- No need for skill, our research-assisted neural guidance method will do all the hard work for you.
Instant – Continuously in-depth meditation in seconds, reaching a semi-psychedelic state, fits even the most intense schedule.
Control – You’re in full control, move your phone to change the intensity of the experience, or turn down the flash to instantly stop the effects.

Upgrade to Lumenate Plus to get unlimited access:

– Intent setting and integration elements help transform this fun and immersive experience into a powerful platform for personal development and self-reflection
– Guided sessions on everything from achieving goals to getting to know your true liking or taking your time.
A sleep session that neurologically guides you through the early stages of sleep.
– 5 to 20 minutes of ‘Open discoveries’ that allow you to freely explore your subconscious thoughts without specific verbal guidance.
Each session has a unique purpose-composed soundtrack to help guide and accompany you on your subconscious journeys.
– New content that is published regularly
– Magazine section to capture meaningful moments
– Download the feature to enjoy your favorite sessions offline

Note: This app is not suitable for those under the age of 18 or those with light-sensitive epilepsy or juvenile myoclonic epilepsy (or those with a direct family history).

If you want to use the app but can’t really afford it, please email [email protected] and we will set up free access for you.


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