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Manita App – Search Parner Search Lover Find Chat Welcome to the Application.

With Manita App you can


“How to find internet lover?” can benefit from achieving its purpose. This way all members get to meet people in the students. Long-term couples are likely to co-use and happy to be created for matching.

All together in life walks with love, effort and dedication. But before that, it has to be the right person. It is to send it to the most correct candidate on the first path to happiness. As our site, it allows them to meet and meet for their membership to the web sites. He does not leave the job of finding a lover to chance.

With the work we do, we help our members more and more in finding a lover, and we become more specialized with him day by day. It makes it possible for our site to meet online or with the real concept.

It creates a friendship in a friendly and honest way. It is like a roof of honesty in a relationship. It protects and keeps the relationship warm. Dear site, from enjoying traveling to reaching online in this impending journey and ending the possibilities of these methods. In fact, it’s the opposite.

It is special for all our expectations of our members who have sincere desires to find a lover. Many features on our site have been implemented by our users close to us.

Some Happiness Stories

Preparations begin in Adana to plan their preparations. The heroes of our story, Mr. İlhan and Mrs. Fadime, will continue to walk together in Hatay from now on.

İlhan Bey has his own hairdresser’s shop, and Fadime Hanım is a housewife. While the friends of our young couples, whose happiness is read, are emphasized on August 11, they quickly think about their path to marriage. It was a bit difficult for Fadime Hanım to reach Hatay in Adana.

Our young couple, who got engaged on September 20, points out that the people they are used to by their families have multiplied. Our henna nights on October 23 have a little more detail than our young couple’s designs. ))

Living in Datça, he fit into 19 days to live and fall in love 🙂 Osman Bey is a retired banker who has lived in Ankara for a long time. “The only thing I wanted from life was peace,” he says about us… “I’ve known many women, but with Ayşe for a budget…

Ayşe Hanım, on the other hand, is a retired residence lady who lived with her house in Marmaris. Ayşe Hanım’s dream was also a good wife… “The one who she can trust, be happy next to her, make her feel the purpose of living at the opportunity; a…” “Osman is much more than all these features,” he tells us…

A concise variant of our couple; Osman Bey said that what he wanted was so good that he was serious when they met on February 16, to Ms. Ayşe. 2. And they are beautiful to live in their home at the jewelery store… Osman Bey is engaged to Ayşe Hanım, who will be with the family on February 21.

And Ayşe Hanım, who moved her house from Marmaris to Datça in a brief sense of 10 days. They saw that they got along even better than their dreams, they got married on 6 March with a lightning wedding. We wish our couple to have husbands on the same pillow.

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