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Mindfulness Practices and Meditations. All the time. Anywhere.
10 minutes a day to someone calmer.

Personalized Daily Video Coaching.
Every day, you’ll get a personalized video lesson and meditation from your Mindfulness Coach to provide practical tools for you to live a quiet and easy life.

Short Awareness Practices and Breathing Exercises. All the time. Anywhere.
Discover our 1-2 minutes of long mindfulness microapplies, breathing exercises and short meditations to support you when you need it most.

Learn To Mindfulness and Meditation.
Join more than 700,000 people who have transformed their lives by learning awareness, developing awareness meditation habits or deepening mindfulness practices with our awareness courses from our world-renowned awareness teachers.

Reduce Anxiety and Stress.
Learn and implement a better lifestyle with 100s of speech, courses, microapplications, guided meditation, music and sound landscapes to reduce stress and anxiety, meditate and sleep better. Meditation sessions are available in lengths of 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes, so you can choose the perfect length.

Improve your sleep.
Dive into fast sleep and rest better with sleep shuffle, guided sleep meditations, sleep music and soothing nature soundscapes.

Make a Difference in the World with Your App.
*When we upgrade to Mindfulness Plus, we donate a portion of our revenue to nonprofits that bring awareness to people in need. To date, we have donated more than $750,000 to awareness nonprofits around the world, including the Holistic Life Foundation, the Prisons Mindfulness Institute and Mindfulness Without Borders.*

Meet Your Hosts.
*Cory Muscara, MA – Awareness Consultant for The Dr. Oz Show. He’s a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. The Old Monk. co-founder of Mindfulness.com
*Melli O’Brien – Speaker. Author and Mindfulness Teacher. Co-founder of Mindfulness.com. Host of the World’s largest awareness conference, the Awareness Summit.

Meet world-renowned teachers.
*Rhonda Magee, JD – Writer. Professor of Law, University of San Francisco
*Shamash Alidina, M.SC. – Teacher. Awareness Writer for Fools
*Kelly Boys – Writer. United Nations Awareness Instructor
*Vidyamala Burch – Writer. Pain and disease Specialist. Breathworks Founder
*Mark Coleman – Mindfulness Teacher. Wildlife guide and author.

He talks about Careful Meditations and Mindful Living.
*Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD – Professor of Medicine. Best-selling author. Founder of MBSR.
*Tara Brach, PhD – Mindfulness Teacher. Psychologist and bestselling author.
*Sharon Salzberg – New York Times bestseller.
*Jack Kornfield, PhD – Mindfulness Teacher. BestSelling Author 12+ books.
*Dan Siegel, MD – Bestselling author. Director UCLA Mindful Research Center.
*Judson Brewer, MD – Psychiatrist. Research Director, Awareness Center.
*Elisha Goldstein, PhD – Author. Founder, Mindful Living LA Center.
*Mark Williams, PhD – Professor. Director of the Centre for Awareness at the University of Oxford.
*Rich Fernandez – CEO of the Self-Seeking Leadership Institute.

*We believe that educating your mind is the biggest investment you can make in life and that everyone has the healing power of an awareness app – and money should never be a reason why someone can’t access the tools, support and community to take advantage of it. If you can’t afford a Mindfulness Plus subscription with Mindfulness.com, please send us an email and we’ll unlock a free year for you to enjoy.


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