Moi – Arkadaşlık & Sohbet Modded 2022

It is the voice and written voice messages in MOI, which is among the new generation chat and friends.

MOI is life to act as a savior for people who are bored of loneliness and want to make new friends online! You can freely expand your distant and bright circle, chat with people close to you or abroad.

💬 Instant messaging, meeting new.
❤️Find a lover, set sail for new loves!
💋Send it to the one you like.
👌Trustworthy matches privacy and concern.
📍Contact those nearby!

Like your email login, you can contact him immediately with your Google account or Facebook account.

Protected cards cannot be read by anyone else. They are forgotten by themselves after a while. In this way, a third person cannot access your conversations, it stays between you and the user you are talking to. It has a particularly good atmosphere.

It is used between a lover-related application and their first choice, which is only used by people who want to achieve this goal at the moment. Besides, you can be disturbed, block them, prevent them from reviving you!

💋 Send a Kiss you like
The profile of the users you match or are active can be free for you! The kiss will also help you to like and attract the user.
You can meet the person who met with the kiss and thus a new relationship and a new friend can be born!

🌍 All Over the World with One Click!
As a member of MOI, you can go from here in one go. You can get the creatures you can match with in an environment where you can live and chat.

🔥 Sincere, Heartfelt Conversations
You can do it for free for men or women according to your preferences. Besides, you can call by field communication, voice chat also from production in their profiles.
Finding friends, your destiny is your destiny, your destiny will love your soul! The people who are alive at the same time momentarily are among the people who can live here.

✔️ Stand out with Elite Features!
You can withdraw more from sales than those reserved for elite members. It can be purchased as an Elite member, you can also apply for free and meet new people.

👀 Send & Receive Photos!
You can be introduced with the things you send by photographing, chatting with you or having a good time with them. These shares, which will be fixed soon, are also on the agenda.

💫 The Person Who Embellished His Dreams Is Here
Here you can decorate people to meet, to dream of people! You can get to know each other by sending a message and arrange a meeting.
If you can’t open, if you hesitate; Send a kiss button on your profile is just for you! You can shoot it by sending a kiss, you can have it send you the message. At the same time, by using video chat, you can get to know the other person better and better, and be available among you.

Other Features;
The following profiles wide-ranging, new acquaintances.
Chat with people with verified accounts.
Send a photo.
Send a voice record.
Send a video.
Delete or block people you don’t like from your friend list.

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