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** Best Overall Mental Health App of 2020 & 2021 ** – Verywell Mind

“I really like this app, I downloaded and deleted about 10 before I got to Moodfit and it had everything I was looking for gratitude, personalised reminders for each day, tools to help in each situation. It’s fab!”
– Lauren Hewitt

Everyone can benefit from improving and maintaining the fitness of their mental health. If you’re struggling, Moodfit can help you move you toward thriving. If you’re thriving, Moodfit can help you build the resilience to keep you there in the face of life’s adversities.

Moodfit provides the most comprehensive set of tools for good mental health, and helps you understand what brings your mood up and down.

– To work on a set of personalized daily goals that are your daily mental health workout that include self-care and good practices.
– To reinforce positive messages and create new habits that boost your mood.
– As a mood journal to bring awareness to and analyze your mood.
– As a gratitude journal that can change your brain to see more of the positive in life.
– To process distorted thinking that is causing emotional discomfort using CBT techniques.
– To do structured breathing exercises to quickly increase a sense of calm.
– To learn and practice mindfulness meditation that has been shown to reduce stress.
– To understand the relationship between your mood and lifestyle factors like sleep, exercise and nutrition.
– To track your mood-related medications and better understand what is working.
– To track any custom variables you want to understand how it affects your mood, e.g. your hydration, caffeine intake or interactions with a friend. You can literally track and analyze anything.

– A secure and detailed record of all your mood-related activities. You can use a passcode to protect your account.
– Charts that show the relationship between your mood and other variables.
– CBT thought record tool to change negative thinking.
– Tools to help you build a gratitude or mindfulness meditation practice.
– Breathing exercises to provide immediate relief in stressful situations.
– Grounding tool to bring attention away from anxiety-producing thoughts.
– Mental health assessments like PHQ-9 and GAD-7.
– Custom reminders to create new thinking based on positive messages.
– Articles, tips and motivation to help keep you on track.

– We believe that literally everyone can benefit from working on their mental health.
– We believe that good mental health isn’t just the lack of a clinical mental illness. We want to help you fully thrive.
– We believe there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to good mental health and that trying different tools and tracking their results is crucial to understand what works for best for you.

Come and join the conversation all about good mental health.
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Moodfit – Fitness for Your Mental Health


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