Narrows Modded 2022

“Narrows was probably my favorite game. [Lenovo Mirage Solo] It was a great feeling to explore the world of my headset and tiny boat.” – Polygon

Climb aboard, captain! Command your crew and steer your ship to find your fortune in Narrows, an offshore strategy and loot game.

Narrows transports players to the golden age of piracy and makes you the master and commander of your very own pirate ship in virtual reality. With the magic of Lenovo Mirage Solo or Daydream View VR headsets and motion controllers, you can choose your own path on the high seas, customize your guns and crew, and battle the royal navy, rival pirates and more.

MANAGE YOUR CREW: Assign your deckhands wherever you want and switch jobs on the fly as you put out fires and fight raiding groups to protect your ship.

READY, AIM, FIRE: Manipulate your cannons and aim at your opponents! Send your ships to the bottom of the sea and become the richest, toughest pirate the Caribbean has ever seen!

CHOOSE YOUR PATH: When it comes to plotting a route for loot, the captain always knows best – it’s you! From exploring sunken treasures to rescuing sunken sailors, decide your path at every turn – or load up your guns with gunpowder to be ready for the next battle.

DO IT ALL AGAIN: In a world with bandits on the high seas, it makes sense for Narrows to be a VR roguelike. Get as rich as you can, sink your ship and start a new adventure – this time with experience gained and maybe enough hidden treasure to buy a bigger ship. Narrows is a pirate adventure with endless replayability!

Narrows is the latest VR experience from Resolution Games, creators of Daydream hits Wonderglade and Bait!

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February 8, 2019


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Mild Violence, Alcohol Reference
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