Nike Training Club: Fitness Mod Apk 2022

Nike Training Club goes far beyond training. Strengthen your muscles and mindset with free guidance from your favorite trainers, athletes and wellness experts in the all-in-one fitness app.

Work out with a wide range of exercise programs*, get motivated with our Nike Trainers and earn tips for a full wellness. From home workouts to healthy recipes – NTC offers strength training for both your mind and body with world-class personal trainers and wellness experts. Starter training or quick burn – regardless of your fitness goal, NTC has exercise programs* and holistic training tips for every athlete.

Easily find the perfect exercise to stay active at home, from low intensity to highs, including:
• YOGA: Basic Yoga Flows For Every Day
• PULL AND POWER: Best of Abs, Arms and Glutes
• HOME WORKOUTS: Great Exercises for Small Spaces
• FAST WORKOUTS: Done In Under 20 Minutes
• ALL ATHLETES: Fitness exercises for all levels

NTC is here to help you stay strong and shed your sweat in more ways than one – download it today.

• Exercises for all athletes – starter training, home workout and more
• HIT exercises, strength training, ab and core exercise, cardio, yoga and more – all available directly from your phone
• Home fitness is easier than ever with free workouts that you can do with minimal or no equipment
• No matter how you sweat, start with an inspiring instructor to get started
• Exercise by body part: abdominal muscles and nucleus, arms and shoulders, glutes and legs
• New exercises every week with your favorite instructors, new in-class music curated for each workout
• Build strength with five-minute burns, circuit training, HIT exercises, and hundreds more

• Physically undergoes training: get guidance on exercise motivation, fitness at home, nutrition and healthy recipes
• Start your wellness journey with experts, trainers and athletes
• Wellness coach or personal trainer – Find your ideal training program with the help of Nike’s best
• NTC TV: healthy recipes, guided meditations and mindfulness techniques in fast and easy videos

• Try a beginner’s workout with instructor-led Video on-Demand workout lessons or work up to a high intensity level**
• Exercise videos available for all disciplines – HIT, yoga, core, cardio and more
• Exclusive live streams with Nike Trainers, experts and athletes for training and guidance***
• Participate in programs managed by Nike Trainers – designed to suit your flexible and busy life*
• Wellness Q&A, guided meditations and healthy cooking can shift your mindset to mindfulness
• VOD Premiere Exercises are the moves you’d expect with special athletes and music guests**

• Find everything you need in one place
• The latest exercises and wellness content from inspiration to education
• Check out the latest elements of Nike Training, including tips, guidance, and more

Nike Training Club – Your Holistic Training Guide.

To keep an accurate account of your fitness journey, enter other daily workouts on the Activity tab. If you use the Nike Run Club app, your runs are automatically saved in your event history.

Nike Training Club works with Apple Health to sync workouts and record heart rate data.

Apple Music: used to access the music library to play music during exercises.

*Available programs in the US and UK. Plans are available globally.
**Vod is available in USA, UK, BR, JP, CN, FR, DE, RU, IT, ES, MX and KR.
NTC Live is currently available in the US, UK and JP.


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