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Calculate your day of ovulation, your fertile window and your next period. Here, choose between the modes “Prevent a pregnancy” in accordance with the rules of NFP , “Cycle tracking” or “Get pregnant”. Using your body signals, such as your waking temperature, the Ovy App helps you to track your fertile and non-fertile days during your menstrual cycle. You can transfer your basal body temperature automatically using the convenient Ovy Bluetooth ovulation thermometer. The Ovy App is a medical device compliant with CE standards and “made in Germany”.

How the Ovy App works

+ Register and create your profile so that the Ovy App becomes familiar with your cycle
+ Choose between the three modes: “Prevent a pregnancy” in accordance with the rules of NFP , “Cycle tracking” or “Get pregnant”
+ Connect your Ovy Bluetooth ovulation thermometer once with the Ovy App so that your temperature values are automatically transferred
+ Measure your temperature using the Ovy Bluetooth ovulation thermometer in the morning before you get up
+ Your data is transferred automatically without you having to open the Ovy App
+ In the Ovy App, document other body signals such as cervical mucus, interference factors, PMS, test results, days when you are ill, and many more
+ You can use the Ovy App without the Ovy Bluetooth basal thermometer with any other thermometer

Why you should use the Ovy App

+ It is a hormone-free method to prevent pregnancy
+ It provides you with support if you would like to conceive
+ It provides easy application of the NFP rules
+ Combined system comprised of medical app and Bluetooth device
+ You can also document 17 data points such as PMS, your period, interference factors, medication and much more
+ Exact calculation of ovulation, fertile days and your next period
+ Temperature graph, cycle and calendar at a glance
+ Use the Ovy App offline while you are not connected to the internet or during flight mode.
+ Evaluation of ovulation test results for if you would like a baby
+ Access to Ovy Care for personal content in line with the respective phase of your cycle
+ Reminder function for measuring in the morning
+ Integrated pregnancy mode with due date calculator

To make it clear

+ The Ovy App is not a certified contraceptive
+ The Ovy App does not provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases
+ No contraceptive provides 100% protection, even if it is used correctly
+ The Ovy App is intended for women and couples from the age of 18
+ Note interference factors in the app which can influence your temperature
+ If you use the Ovy Bluetooth ovulation thermometer, check beforehand whether your Android phone is compatible: https://ovyapp.com/pages/terms-and-conditions

The Ovy team cares about your privacy

We only use your data to calculate your cycle, we do not sell any data and we do not overwhelm you with advertising in the app.
You can find more information online:
Data protection: https://ovyapp.com/pages/privacy-policy
General terms and conditions: https://ovyapp.com/pages/terms-and-conditions

Ovy – NFP, period, ovulation, bbt, menstruation


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