Relic Seeker: Hypogeum VR Modded 2022

This version of the game is for Google Daydream only.

Archaeologist Lewis Deacon begins researching an ancient temple at the request of a certain institution. As he explores the site, he learns that the stories etched there are about aliens visiting Earth in ancient times. Lewis, who must solve the puzzles on his way, gets closer to bigger secrets as he goes underground.

As Lewis, you’ll explore ancient ruins and uncover mysteries from outer space.

Relic Seeker: Hypogeum is a 3D puzzle adventure game where you can freely navigate various areas, solve puzzles and find hidden clues.

This game is implemented using the motion controller provided by Daydream so that you can solve puzzles by touching or moving the object directly.

The game mainly consists of three parts, and you can enjoy the magnificent and beautiful scenery for each part in VR.

Now, begin your journey into the distant past.

[Essential Access Permission Guide]When using the application, we request access to provide the following services.

– Device photos / media / file access:
The app has no access to device photos and media and is only used to access game data.

Suitable for Family Library

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21 May 2018


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