Top 3 Of The Best Photo Editing Apps For Your Android

Many photo editing applications present to meet the needs of photography as its users. However, from the many applications, it is difficult to choose which one is best and practical to use. The result was sometimes not meet expectations and not as expected.

Nowadays mobile phone manufacturers are intensively-incessantly designing a camera with quality qualified. In addition, the application developers are also competing to create supporting applications that can process images to look good.

Well, because the photo editing app available on the Play Store is very diverse, of course, you will be confused to choose the best and good. Therefore, we will share with you the 5 best and latest Android photo editing apps that you should try.

Top 3 Best Popular Photo Editor Apps For Android


1.Photo Grid

The first curry order recommend is the Photo Gird app. Photo Gird was the best photo editing applications have a variety of features created by Cheetah Mobile (Photo Editor). Photo Gird app is not only capable of editing photos, but also able to edit video. So for you fans of photography and likes to capture your life moments. Keep your memories with the Photo Gird app with your android.

What are the features that owned Photo Gird? This is the ability of the Photo Grid application that you will get:

  1. Edit and enhance your photos
  2. Combine photos and videos with amazing video collage design
  3. Make the background more cool with various textures and colors
  4. Have a special camera effect for selfie and video recording
  5. And various other photo editing tools like adjusting the brightness, size style, contrast, absorption and color value of the photo.

Maybe the Photo Grid app has no flaws. So you will not regret it if installing in your favorite smartphone.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

In addition to present for the PC version, Adobe also presents a reliable product that is Adobe Photoshop for Android smartphones. Adobe Photoshop Express is a quick and easy-to-use photo editing app. Editing photos are very easy with just a few touches on a simple interface.

What features does Adobe Photoshop Express have?

  1. 70+ beautiful view that you can choose
  2. Have various frames with unique style and interesting
  3. Able to automatically delete objects that mask your photos
  4. And various advanced features with easy touch like Adobe Photoshop for PC

Well, if you’re a fan of Adobe Photoshop. Now you don’t need to be hard to open the PC. But by installing Adobe Photoshop Express on a smartphone, you are able to create professional images. And then, instantly share images with your friends through social media facebook, twitter, and Instagram

3.PickArt Photo Studio

If you want an advanced and free photo editing app, then PickArt Photo Studio is the best solution. PickArt Photo Studio is an android app for photo editing that has a variety of powerful, simple, and free features. PickArt will greatly help you to produce amazing images with just a few touches. In addition, you can also chat with friends and free to take pictures in the community PickArt.

Then, below is a featured feature of PickArt that we summarize:

  1. Great photo editor with just a few touches
  2. A variety of cool, beautiful, and free stickers on the PickArt community
  3. Can share pictures of fellow community PickArt freely
  4. And many other advanced features you can get for free at PickArt

So what are you waiting for? Immediately install PickArt Photo Studio on your android. Then, share your work with the PickArt community and find the excitement.

Thank’s for your participation. May 3 the most popular Photo Editing Application that we auto-summary above is useful for you. Let’s make a pretty picture designs, attractive, and awesome.



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