Top 5 Best VPN Apps For Your Android To Open Blocked Site

Android is one of the most famous operating systems in the world. The main causes of popular Android are there have millions of applications and games available in Google’s Play within the Play Store. In addition, Android is also very easy to use.

And then one of the most needed Android app types is the VPN app. You know? what is a VPN app?

VPN app is an application that provides VPN or proxy service commonly used to open a site that is blocked in a country by government or ISP.

Do you want to open the site but that site is blocked? By installing a VPN app on your android, then you can easily open a blocked site.

Here’s the best VPN app, you can free download on Google Play or Play Store. You can install the best VPN App on your smartphone without root.

Any application that best VPN? We will give you 10 best VPN applications, and decide which one of your like best.

The Best 5 VPN Apps To Open Blocked Site


As an opening, we have an app called Psiphon. Psiphon is an application that uses VPN technology open socket proxy SSH and VPN.

Psiphon is the first choice that you can install on your favorite smartphone. Psiphon is able to open blocked sites very quickly and perfectly.

Easy, free, and fast. This is an excess of Psiphon so it comes in the top 10 of our best VPN apps.

2.Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN is also one of the best, fastest, and unlimited VPN applications. By installing Turbo VPN on your Android device, you can browse, download, upload, stream, and more to various server sites, even if blocked by your government / ISP, you can still open it.

Better yet, the Turbo VPN app is 100% free. No need to buy pro features. Though free, Turbo VPN is no less sophisticated with paid pro VPN.

3.Super VPN

The best 5 VPN apps the third is Super VPN. This application has a variety of excellent features for a VPN, among others: protecting privacy, open a blocked site, no registration, without bandwidth limitation, no root, easy to use, just a click away, encrypt internet access, and many more.

for you like to open blocked sites, then please you select super VPN to penetrate the blocked site and happy joy.

4.Hotspot Shield VPN & Proxy


Hotspot Shield is a fairly popular VPN app. Hotspot Shield is not only available for Android only, but also available for Windows 10 PC / Mobile, iPhone / iPad iOS, and desktop Windows 7/8 / 8.1, up to Mac with macOS.

With the Hotspot Shield VPN, you can not only open blocked sites but also protect smartphones from public WiFi networks that can track online activities.

Lack of Hotspot Shield VPN app is unlimited, and bandwidth is restricted to free users. If you use this free VPN app on Android, your ads will keep popping up. But Hotspot Shield is fast enough even though VPNs often die.

5.TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear VPN is a unique VPN app. For the free version, it presents 500MB internet quota every month. To get a quota of up to 1GB, you can tweet about TunnelBear VPN, or install TunnelBear VPN on your PC / laptop.

This VPN app is the same as most VPN apps. But it has more features like automatically connecting to a VPN on a particular WiFi, or making an exception for a WiFi network.

Thus the 5 best VPN apps are included in our list. A list of the 5 best VPN application capable of opening blocked sites and useful for protecting privacy. Which of the best VPN apps do you think? The choice is in your own decision.

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