VRTV VR Video Player Modded 2022

Watch your favorite 2D and 3D videos in VR with the VRTV VR Video Player and a Cardboard compatible headset! VRTV has beautiful virtual environments and is the ONLY VR video player that supports watching with a friend in fully synchronized game.

VTRV VR Video Player has excellent support for all common 3D/2D formats and modes, including 180, 220, 270 and 360 panoramas and fisheye lens projection.

VRTV VR Video Player features:

– Sync feature! Enjoy watching movies with another Cardboard friend!

– Subtitles in SRT format with full support for RTL languages, Unicode characters and automatic encoding detection.

– Configurable subtitle size.

– Immersive virtual environments. Watch on your own home theater or in a crafty cave.

– Player controls in an awesome VR UI.

– Next/Previous media buttons to switch between videos.

– Fully configurable gamepad and keyboard controls.

– Supports 3D and 2D movies in various formats: Side by Side (SBS), Top and Bottom (OU, Top and Bottom), 180 (Dome), 220, 270 and 360 degree Panoramic video. It also supports fisheye projection videos.

– Simple material design.

– Uses the latest Cardboard SDK with less drag.

– Headphone configuration from within the app. Supports several different head trackers, find the best fit for your phone and eliminate slippage.

– Streaming files over a network. Open a stream from VRTV or use your favorite file explorer browser to open streams in VRTV VR Video Player.

– Static video mode. For long movies, lock the video in place right in front of you.

VR Button guide:

– At the bottom of the screen: Open the file browser and play Controls

– On the left of the screen: Subtitle on/off, text size, Sync on/off and Screen lock. Read more about Sync below!

– Top of screen: Recenter with timer, SDK recenter (keep horizon level), Screen type switch, Video type switch (2D/3D Side by Side, 3D Top/Bottom) and fisheye projection toggle.

– Right of the screen: Screen size and volume

Sync instructions:

– Sync is a feature that keeps a movie in sync between two devices. To enable sync, first set the IP of the device you want to sync in Settings/General where you can also find the IP of your own device. Do this on both phones so each other’s IP is configured.

– Select a video to play. If it’s a local video, it should be available on both devices.

– In the VR UI, click the “sync” button on both devices to enable sync.

– Start the video by pressing the play button on one of the devices. After a small delay, the movie will start playing synchronously on both devices.

Search and network play supported!

Feature suggestions and bug reports are always welcome!

Permission usage:

NFC, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Used by the Cardboard SDK to set up and save your headset configuration.

ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: Used to find your device’s IP and view it in Sync settings, help set up sync playback with another device.

INTERNET, READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Required to access and stream media on the device.

Note: The VIBRATE permission is not used and will be removed in the next version.

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December 4, 2019


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