Wysa: Anxiety, therapy chatbot Mod Apk 2022

Imagine a mood watcher, mindfulness coach, anxiety assistant and a friend who boosts mood. Wysa, your happy friend is that friendly and loving chatbot. Wysa is full of daily spiritual meditation that improves mental health, and it is also an excellent way to connect family meditation. Always there for you when you need someone to talk to, Wysa helps you keep track of your mood with candid conversations, and helps fight stress and anxiety with proven techniques and calming meditation and mindfulness sounds. Regular check-in with Wysa will improve your emotional health so you can keep track of your happiness and mood. Now talk to Wysa and make yourself up to fight stress. In addition, Wysa has depression and anxiety tests and mental health assessment.

Wysa is your AI friend that you can chat with for free. Talk to the cute penguin or use free mindfulness exercises for effective anxiety relief, depression and stress management. Therapy-based techniques and conversations make it a very cute and calming therapy chat app whether you want to better deal with mental disorders, manage stress or improve your mental health.

Wysa, your happiness friend, will support you throughout life’s big and small anxieties by using science as a basis for strengthening your mental health. Research-assisted, widely used techniques of CBT, DBT, Yoga and meditation are used to support you with stress, anxiety, deep sleep, loss and other mental health and wellness needs.

If you are dealing with stress, anxiety and depression, or are coping with low self-esteem, talking to Wysa can help you relax and unwind – empathetic, helpful and never judgmental. With empathic speech and free CBT therapy-based technique, you’ll overcome your mental health barriers. So pour your heart out to your happiness friend Wysa, as your identity will remain anonymous and your conversations are privacy-protected.

Used 24 hours a day and trusted by 500,000 people, Wysa is an emotionally intelligent chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to react to the emotions you express. Unlock tools and techniques that help you deal with challenges in a fun and talkative way. For extra support, you can get guidance from a real human coach – a skilled psychologist who will take you to advanced coaching sessions for your needs.

You can use Wysa to reconnect your mind to improve your emotional health. Fight depression or get rid of stress using CBT techniques and guided sleep meditations for the best sleep. Let’s take a look at what you can use to πŸ‘‡ Wysa

talk about πŸ‘‚ Vent and things or just think about your day with the AI chatbot
πŸ’ͺ Apply CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and DBT techniques to create flexibility in a fun way
πŸ“ Use one of 40 speech coaching tools to help deal with Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Loss or Conflict
relax, focus and sleep with the help of 20 mindfulness meditation exercises πŸ’†πŸ»

93% of those who spoke to Wysa – AI
find companions and useful tools
– Build trust, reduce self-doubt and improve self-esteem: basic meditation and awareness, visualization, confidence visualization techniques, enhanced awareness for self-esteem
– Manage anger: mindfulness meditation exercises for compassion, calming your thoughts and practicing breathing
– Manage anxious thoughts and anxiety: techniques for deep breathing, observing thoughts, visualizing and de-escalation
– Are you tired? Let’s have an energy explosion! Visualization and meditation exercises to increase positivity and achieve physical exercises to achieve happy sleep, fast yoga and being active
– Dealing with anxiety: observe awareness, solve technique, challenge negativity, apply breathing techniques
– Manage conflict at work, school or relationships: special awareness and visualization techniques such as empty chair exercise, gratitude meditation, exercises to create difficult speech skills


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