Yoga-Go: Yoga For Weight Loss Mod Apk 2022

Start your transformation with an effective home yoga exercise planner. Yoga-Go provides health benefits for both your mind and body with multiple fitness yoga programs, pilates for all muscle types and weight loss challenges.

Lose weight, sleep better, get six packs of abs and boost your energy with the app! Yoga isn’t just about stretching and flexibility. It’s also about being stronger and, of course, healthier. Get it all with our daily workouts tailored to your personal fitness needs, suitable for beginners and more advanced yogis.

Each yoga benefits in one practice.
increase strength, balance and flexibility
help relieve back pain
help you sleep better
it helps you lose weight and burn calories.
Make it a simple habit with daily yoga and pilates videos that are easy to follow.

An effective weight loss practice.
Yoga-Go combines customized fitness and weight loss plans that work.
Dive into simple home-based yoga exercises that don’t take much time. The exercises will only last 7-30 minutes and you can burn 200 calories per session!
Introduce your body to intense fitness and pilates challenges aimed at building endurance, burning calories and toning the whole body, as well as 7 minutes of morning warm-ups and flexibility training.

A personal yoga studio in your home.
Practice in the comfort of your own home.
All classes are developed by professional yoga coaches and pilates instructors. No matter what kind of yoga you practice, you will find something suitable in Yoga-Go.
No equipment or previous exercise experience is required.

Tailored to your goals
With Yoga-Go you will find what you need to feel the best right now.
The app offers 6 different challenges based on your fitness goals. Get fitter, be more comfortable, sleep better – even the busiest person can find 7-15 minutes a day to complete home workout and get visible results in just 30 days!
Are you ready for a longer training session? No problem! Switch to a 30-minute “Fat burn” exercise or melt with pranayama breathing exercises.
There are drills suitable for all muscle groups from legs to arms, belly to chest, whole body!
Exercises are suitable for everyone: men and women of all ages, beginners and professionals!

A personalized exercise plan.
Want to be fitter, lose weight, sleep better or feel more comfortable? All you need is Yoga-Go.
Access training focused on figure shaping, mental and physical health, and stretching and flexibility
Sign up for the weight loss challenge to achieve your wellness goals more effectively
Customize duration, level, goal, and yoga style
Always exercise, set exercise days and rest days
Choose between different training plans, focus on a problematic body area, train for a purpose

Features and Benefits:
– Fast and effective HD video exercises created by professionals
– 3 difficulty levels suitable for men and women
– Results sharing and updates from your yogi friends
– Monitoring progress, exercise time and calories burned
– More than 300 exercises (pilates for beginners, bikini body, toned arm yoga, etc.)
– Choose from: Yoga, Pilates, Power, Breathing, Stretching and more
– Train with the aim: 30 days weight loss fight, Focus and Relax, weight loss series etc.
– New content every month!
– Video and audio instructions throughout all routines
– 100+ yoga asanas
– A personalized exercise planner in your pocket!

Yoga-Go is a health and fitness app that includes yoga classes designed to provide users with an all-inclusive, any-time/anywhere solution to build a toned and healthy body, maintain balanced emotions and harmonize their lives. Check your health and practice with Yoga-Go every day!

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